Decorate your Home for Fall

By: Jean Boynton

Decorate your Home for Fall

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The crisp, fall season is about embracing natures changing colors and taking in all the fun we're only allowed a few short months of the year. Memories strike of picking pumpkins, wagon rides, leaf raking, and apple bobbing. From our childhood and beyond, the traditions never change—and we wouldn't have it any other way.This year, we were inspired by fall's most classic elements, like the colorful foliage and booming pumpkin harvest.

wood lantern with candles insideLanterns are a beautiful way to bring a certain elegance to your outdoor fall decor. We love them for their antique look and versatility. Extra-large lanterns, such as the ones we used, can be filled with a variety of fall items including candles, small pumpkins, or faux leaves. Grouped between pumpkins and fall foliage, the wood lanterns are a perfect fit.
Safety Tip: If you choose to place candles inside your lantern, opt for flameless or LED candles. 

fall front door with wreaths, hay barrel, pumpkins and gourdsNo Such Thing as Too Many Pumpkins

This porch would not be the same without, of course, a big collection of pumpkins.  Pile them on your fall front porch with hay bales for a harvest look. If your kids are carfty, try decorating your pumpkins with paint or stickers this year. They will last a lot longer than carved pumpkins, which tend to go bad in a bout a week.
orange and white pumpkins on hay barrel
Create a Layered Look with Hay Bales

These naturally beautiful blocks work great as a foundation to your fall front door decorations. We stacked ours in various sizes on each side of the door; they act as risers to show off other fun fall accessories. There are plenty of ways to use hay bales in your decor, so have some fun finding out what works best for your style!
fall wreath with orange and white flowers

Dress Up a Basic Wreath
With a gorgeous double door like this, we had to find wreaths that were equally as beautiful. However, wreaths made with living materials last for only one season and can make a big dent in your holiday funds. A longer-lasting alternative is to use simple, store-bought wreaths as a base and dress them up with seasonal accessories. Here, we started with a faux grapevine and berry wreath. 
yellow fall flowers in red planter with mini pumpkins
Embrace Fall BloomsYou might associate fresh blooms with a springtime front porch, but there is just enough opportunity for natural elements in the fall, too. Take advantage of fall flowers by dressing your front deck in brightly colored mums. Bright yellows and oranges are a nice transition from summer to fall, but we're also big fans of deep reds and purples. We planted our mums in adorable red store-bought wood baskets. The handles make it easy to move the mums around as you play with different styles and fall decorating ideas adding depth with recycled elements.

Make your house the most festive,fall friendly one on the block.