Technology Helps Sell Your Home

By: Jean Boynton

Technology Helps Sell Your Home

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Recently, more advanced technology has streamlined the process to make accessing a home for sale easier. The technology behind electronic lock boxes makes their use not only efficient, but very safe for the homeowner.  The only people that have the ability to open a lock box are real estate agents or associated professionals (inspector, appraisers). SentriLock’s lock box requires either a user-specific access card only available to real estate professionals or the unique access code that changes daily. This ensures that the identity of the visitor is recorded, along with the date and time that the lock box was accessed.


Lock boxes, such as Sentrilock are hardly built and attach to either the door knob or another secured area on the home being listed for sale.  Within that lock box holds the key to get into the home.  To access that key, the agent with the potential buyer must have the correct software installed on their Smartphone.  There are stand-alone access options, but the Smartphone has become the most popular method.  The software on the phone is updated daily to insure that they are a member of the MLS and in good standing.  To open the lock box and access the key to the home, they must enter their personal Key ID and potentially their PIN.  Upon entering the PIN, their Smartphone connects to the electronic lock box via Bluetooth, verifies everything and then pops open.  At that time, the listing agent is emailed that their box has been opened and the showing is logged.  So in addition to the convenience of the lockbox, you get a list, updated in real time, of every real estate agent and all of their contact information that has shown the home.

The increased security advantages offered with the Sentrilock lock boxes are unparalleled and we are excited to be part of this sophisticated lock box technology.